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Restore your chi energy with crystal healing therapy treatments in Farnborough, Hampshire. Crystal healing is a natural complementary holistic therapy treatment, helping to increase the flow of life force energy (chi) in and around the body. Comprised of different types of mineral contents, crystals take millions of years to grow into their unique structures, meaning they have different energies and properties. This is why crystals have such a potent effect on our body’s electromagnetic energy field.

How Crystal Treatments Work

Crystal healing works on many different aspects of our well-being, including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. Helping to unlock, balance, and direct energy where it is needed most, crystals gently harmonise the body’s own natural energy centres (chakras) and meridian points in order to release stress or pain.

At an initial consultation, Jeanne will ask you a number of questions to help tailor your treatment to your needs. Promoting recovery and a deep sense of relaxation, this treatment  There is no need to remove any clothing for crystal healing therapy.

First session with consultation takes 60 to 75 minutes and costs £30

Following sessions 45 to 60 minutes. Cost £20 per session.


“I was recommended by a mate to go to Jeanne's for healing, I must admit I was sceptical! On my arrival, Jeanne made me feel instantly at ease and after I explained why I had come to see her, she advised that I have crystal therapy treatment. Jeanne explained how the session worked and selected the relevant crystals and placed on and around my body. I can't remember how long I laid there as I felt really relaxed and sleepy! At home afterwards, I felt much lighter and I slept better for the first time in months. The next day, I had so much energy which continued to make me feel livelier than I had felt in weeks. What was interesting to me was my blood test results had come through the day after my crystal healing with Jeanne, which showed I was low in vitamin D. The crystals Jeanne choose were for low energy and sleeplessness. Now I am converted!”

Brian | Farnborough, Hampshire


“I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful crystal healing session I had last week, I feel it was something I needed to experience as I am certainly connected to crystals, but now after your crystal healing, even more so. Thank you so much for all your advice of how I can start to work with my own collection. Long may it grow!”

Margaret | Camberley, Surrey

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