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Choose natural seashell healing treatments in Farnborough, Hampshire. Seashells are natural healing tools that we connect with in many ways. Often used as cooking utensils, money, and jewellery, seashells also exude healing energies that calm and restore our bodies, gently removing and restoring energy imbalances and blockages. No two shells are alike, which makes every healing treatment unique.

Raising Faith, a book written by Claire Waters.

Claire has interviewed me for a 45 minute podcast, about my spiritual life and raising a spiritual child myself, as did Claire.


How Seashell Healing Works

Like crystals, shells emit piezoelectrical charges that have different effects on us, ranging from psychological and physical to spiritual and emotional. This is why being by the sea may calm us, or energise us, or both! Jeanne uses the gifts given freely by the ocean to provide gentle, non-invasive treatments.

Following an initial consultation to discover your needs, a seashell session normally lasts 35 to 45 minutes. Starting with a relaxing hand or foot massage, (optional) the session involves shells being placed on and around the body, accompanied by soothing ocean vibes music.

First session with consultation takes 75 minutes and costs £30 

Following Seashell treatments cost £20.00 an hour, or £25.00 with the optional massage.

Benefits of Seashell Healing

Many clients report that they feel very relaxed and “floaty” during seashell treatments. Often, people feel better a week or so after the session. Benefits include:

Benefits of Seashell Healing

  • Relieves Anxiety, Stress, and Insomnia

  • Increases Awareness of Mind-Body Connection

  • Enhances Self Esteem

  • Relieves Depression, Digestive Problems, and Muscular Aches and Pains


“On arrival to Jeanne's beautiful healing room, I felt instantly at ease. After an initial chat, Jeanne gave me an ocean message card, that she had selected. How accurate the message was for me at this time! During the sea energy healing, comprising of seashells, crystals and hands on healing, Jeanne's energy is strong but gentle. The heat from her hands just melts through and soothes any discomforts. The treatment is relaxing, calming, refreshing and it definitely eased my pains. Jeanne made up a sea energy healing gift pack. What a beautiful gift! The pack contained all sorts of lovely treasures and gifts to take home, to create my own sea altar. I would thoroughly recommend Jeanne, to anyone!”

Karen | Guildford, Surrey


“It was exactly what I needed at the time. I really felt connected to my true self and could physically feel the healing energies washing over me. I had a very visual meditation and was totally refreshed afterwards. The pack was such a treasure, that made me feel important and significant once more.”

Alex | Fleet, Hampshire


“The experience lived up to and exceeded all expectations! The consultation was relaxing, as Jeanne showed profound insight and offered practical advice. The seashell and crystal healing were incredible. I experienced physical, mental, spiritual release and connections. I came away feeling refreshed and revitalized, making me want to explore sea energy further.”

Nikki | Ash, Surrey


“Wow!! Having met this amazing genuine healer, her work is like nothing else you will have experienced, it so reconnects to the wonderful ocean and reminds us of the power within. I feel so proud to connect with Jeanne.”

Marilyn | Bridgwater, Somerset.

Sea Energy Healing Gift Packs - £20.00

Jeanne provides an extensive range of seashells for sale, providing a great way to continue treatments and also making ideal gifts for your friends, family, and loved ones. Each made-to-order pack contains a wide range of products, including a healing seashell, an incense stick, and a coloured tea-light.

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