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Work on your spiritual development with spiritual healing sessions in Farnborough, Hampshire. Suitable for use in conjunction with conventional medicine, spiritual healing will help people to relax, sleep better, and relieve pain. Healing energy may be channelled by anyone and does not require any specific spiritual beliefs – anyone may benefit from this energy and animals also respond very well to it.

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How Spiritual Healing Works

Spiritual healing sessions are normally carried out on a healing bed or chair. Jeanne has completed 2 years of healing training with the SNU some 25 years ago and has practised spiritual healing in her sanctuary for more than 15 years. Sessions usually last an hour and cost £20.00.


“Thank you, Jeanne for taking the time after the healing to give me a VERY accurate reading that you channelled on connecting with your guides and mine, and I identified with pretty much ALL of it! A very gifted medium you are! I liked the way the reading was followed by several oracle readings which were beautiful and again very accurate! I left feeling rejuvenated, revived and comforted by the whole treatment-totally pampered! Nothing was rushed, and you generously shared your company and knowledge which was both enlightening and inspiring. I would thoroughly recommend Jeanne to anyone-she is a gifted, generous, kind, caring, lovely lady. A big THANK YOU.”

Elsie | Guildford, Surrey


“I have been coming to Jeanne for spiritual healing for many complicated health issues. Jeanne's healing is very powerful where the heat from her hands feels like a hot water bottle warming my body, soothing my pain, and I can feel the healing penetrating exactly where it was needed. I also have a very stressful job, and so my weekly visits to Jeanne's healing room made my life more enjoyable, with less pain and stress. Jeanne is an excellent medium and has profound experience and partnership with her spiritual guides.”

Amanda | Farnborough, Hampshire


“Hi Jeanne. Just wanted to let you know that your spiritual healing has made me feel so much more positive than I've felt in a long time. My pain has certainly eased, and I feel I also had issues that needed to be cleared. Your healing rooms are just so magical and peaceful, and I can't remember feeling so relaxed, plus how my breathing slows right down once you start the session. Thank you, and I would like to see you again next week.”

Susan | Farnham, Surrey


“Hi Jeanne. I just wanted to thank you for such an amazing healing yesterday. I carried on yawning my head off after I left and although it took me a while, I slept like an angel last night! Thank you so much. I feel much calmer now and I feel like I am properly back in my body again. It was as if my spirit wasn't fully in my body. I'll keep you posted how it goes over the next few days, but a big thank you to you. You are an amazing healer”

Beth | Camberley, Surrey

Spiritual Development Group

Develop your intuition and psychic ability with like-minded people. Meeting fortnightly, this group teaches you about various aspects of spiritual development, including:

Spiritual Development Group

  • Opening and Closing the Chakras

  • Protecting the Aura

  • Learning Psychometry

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